Treat Yourself to Beautiful Skin!

Spa Sweet is an award winning, upscale neighborhood spa and boutique dedicated to providing luxurious products, second-to-none services in a relaxing, private and nurturing setting.


What we do might seem effortless, but our thoughtful approach and curated services reflect years of quality education, high-end spa experience and an unwavering commitment to our clients and to their skin.


Our expertise includes cusotm facials, waxing, body treatments and massage.


 Our product selection has been carefully selected to provide the highest quality natural and organic ingredients representing the most beneficial science innovations in the industry.


Our retail boutique offers locally sourced, handcrafted jewelry and accessories to suit our clients’ classic yet modern aesthetic.


 Our upscale spa is designed with your cravings in mind, offering a luxurious and peaceful retreat from the daily hustle. Our heated beds, soft linens, steam heat, warm towels and yummy aromas result in everything a cozy neighborhood spa should be, the perfect blend of luxury and approachability.

We are committed to this work as a profession, not as a hobby. We have earned a trusted reputation for the informed and knowledgeable recommendations of our educated skincare specialists. We regularly commit ourselves to additional study and training so that we can continue to provide crucial information and high-quality product and service recommendations to our clients.

Rather than running after the latest trend, we believe in staying the course. Though we stay up-to-date on advancements in our field, we’ll continue to offer services and products steeped primarily in what we know will produce optimal results for our clients: An organic product regimen recommended by an expert to meet specific skincare needs, routine professional facials, hydration and sunscreen might sound simplistic but they’re all part of a highly-effective, proven program for maintaining fabulous skin. We’re confident in our close-to-basics recommendations—after all, they’re founded in years of training and experience—and we know that the latest trendy treatment has nothing on these best practice skincare recommendations.

Keeping our focus on the essentials also enables us to offer you the very highest quality services and products without introducing unnecessary complication to your daily routine or additional expense to your bottom line. The results of this approach are SIMPLY AMAZING SKIN.

The Spa Sweet team approaches work collaboratively and wholeheartedly, consistently providing exceptional service and top quality products, with the utmost professionalism and care for our clients.

WE ARE POSITIVE: Positivity, Teamwork and Gratitude

We enjoy coming to work and we’re committed to creating a positive and empowering atmosphere. We prioritize an environment that supports wellness, relaxation and success for our entire team and for each of our clients. We know how to genuinely have fun while working hard. We fuel our passion for beauty and connection by remaining authentic and positive, providing reliable, exceptional service to each and every person who walks through our doors.

WE ARE PROFESSIONAL: Professionalism, Respect and Loyalty

We demonstrate respect for each other, our clients and the atmosphere we are creating together by leaving our personal issues outside of the spa. We are professional and courteous, respectful and considerate, even in times of conflict or when the unexpected happens. We persevere when we face challenges and we take responsibility for our actions so that we can keep our commitments to each other and to our clients.

WE CARE: Attentiveness, Intuition and Empathy

We pay attention. We actively listen. Hearing and understanding our clients’ needs is crucially important. We use our intuition and empathy to anticipate our clients’ needs and respond with genuine care. We consider how a visit to Spa Sweet feels and the memories it creates for our guests. We offer hands-on, gentle care with every treatment. We ensure that our furnishings, décor, sounds, linens and scents all contribute to the experience of being welcomed, appreciated and invited to fully relax.